At MIMI FOOD, we have visited clean and fresh places and conducted extensive research to restore the true taste of tradition since 1983. Due to our strenuous efforts, we now produce a total of 250 kinds of food including Deopbap (Rice topped with a variety of ingredients, 30 types), Jjigae (stew), Tang (soup), sauces, pastes, Yangnyeomjang (a mixture of soy sauce, minced garlic, and red pepper flakes, 30 types), powdered soups (20 types), liquid sauces (35 types) and other processed foods with our modern and advanced processing system.

With HACCP certification, we proudly produce clean and sanitary products. In cooperation with our customers and to meet their varied needs and satisfaction, we have developed new products. Some products are produced on an OEM basis as well. We always provide fresh and healthy food to all our customers.